Hi Potential Volunteers,
The homeless and low income community could really use your help. By lending a hand you will allow a person in need to easily get the resources they need. We offer it all in one place instead of having to search for it.

We are linking to many resources online. In addition we will be creating original content that assists with the daily needs of this community. As a contributor you can work with us directly on articles and video production, or you can write your own article or produce your own video.

With your help these are some of the articles and videos we will be producing:
Don’t lose contact with your old world
Staying engaged with life
What is in your backpack?
Staying concealed
Staying safe
Staying healthy
Staying active
Helping others
Preparing for a job interview
Finding work
Finding a toilet
Finding a shower
Finding a free or cheap bike
Entertainment on a zero budget
Homeless Hygiene
Maintaining a positive attitude
Preventing depression
Starting from zero
Preventing theft
Building a national free bicycle database